Pochoir is a unique medium employing watercolor painting and stencils to create hand painted, multiple images. Invented in 1850?s for creating wallpaper and hand coloring intaglio prints and book illustrations, pochoir has evolved into a modern day technique for producing multiple watercolors. Employing pochoir stencil paper, the watercolor artist applies paint over the stencil. The cut out areas allow the paint to reach the paper below. Through a series of stencils, the image is created totally in watercolor paint on watercolor paper. The pochoirs can either be created in an edition or hand colored in the final stages to produce monotype images. These pochoirs do not have an edition number. Each piece is multiple generated, but unique in its completion. Pochoirs created by Denise Lisiecki employ hand painting with watercolor to complete each image in the edition. This additional step makes each piece slightly different thus unique rather than a multiple.